Head Room Hairdressing Salon

Headroom’s reopening...

Hi and thank you for contacting us.

We have had a lot of emails as we are preparing to reopen our doors. We thank you for your patience. The backlog is considerable and we have to restrict the number of people in the salon and consequently not able to operate at our usual capacity.

We have established a set of guidelines for our clients to help navigate the new regulations imposed on hair salons.

1) Most important; if you are sick do not come in. Obvious we know but we have to convey the message.

2) Please come on time for your appointment, arriving early does not allow us time to perform our enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and equipment.

3) Wear a face mask, you can take it off when you are getting your hair shampooed and we will provide a hand towel to cover your face.

4) Hand sanitizer will be available at the entry, please make use of it.

5) Respect the 6 feet social distancing practices.

6) Please do not come into the salon to say hi, it’s actually not allowed, as much as we missed you, a wave through the window will have to suffice for now.

7) We have to ask you if you are healthy and if you have a higher than normal temperature.

8) We are not allowed to offer Tea or coffee, or have magazines, sorry.

We are planning on being open from June 1st. We are contacting our clients primarily by email, please respond as promptly as possible so we can accommodate everyone as soon as we can.

We will be raising our prices, it’s been a while.

It’s going to be a strange transition for all of us but it’s the same people under those masks!

Thank you so much for all of your lovely kind wishes and consideration these past weeks, we are very touched by your messages.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Good health
Paul, Charlie and Kat

Head Room Hairdressing Salon
Head Room Hairdressing Salon